Raising social awareness - social campaigns (we paint over stereotypes; different but equal, etc.)

The aim of the Association has always been to raise social awareness by informing the public about disability, including the rights of people with disabilities, emphasising
that we are all different but equal in our rights. Every year on 5 May, the European Day of Combating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities, the Association organizes happenings, marches, press conferences, etc. Likewise, the Association organizes events, marches, press conferences, etc. on December 3, World Day of People with Disabilities, October 5, the Day of Cerebral Palsy, and November 17, the Day of the Premature Infant.

Civic education - self-advocates

According to the motto "nothing about us, without us", we try to prepare our students for active participation in social and civil life. We encourage participation in social consultations and general elections. We teach self-government by creating participants' self-governments in our institutions. We have educated/raised a group of self-advocates, advocates of their own rights. The most visible result of their lobbying is the construction of an elevator in the Zamość City Hall. On a daily basis, our self-advocates intervene in the liquidation of architectural barriers, advise public administration on policy for people with disabilities, participate in conferences and trainings, organize press conferences. Our alumni were or are members of the Youth Council of the City of Zamość and the Municipal Council for Public Benefit Activity. The group of self-advocates also includes people using alternative and assistive communication methods (AAC), who are also ambassadors of people who cannot use verbal communication due to a disability.

Cooperation with public administration - UN Convention, public consultation, removal of architectural barriers

We take an active part in the dialogue with public administration. Together with other NGOs we have actively worked for the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Poland. We have hosted meetings of parliamentary and local government committees. We cooperate closely with the Office of the Government Plenipotentiary for Persons with Disabilities. Our activities have had an impact on positive changes in local and national legislation.