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International women's day

On 8 March on the occasion of the international women's day, the association of assistance to children with disabilities "step by step" organised for women - including the mothers of the association, the ladies associated with the association and its institutions and for the pupil, a meeting within which volunteers From Azerbaijan, Denmark, Georgia, Ukraine and Spain. Then volunteers Jennifer, Fatma, Tamar, iryna and Clara presented prepared their dishes and invited ladies to tasting. The ladies could also have a delicious and healthy fruit juice on the spot. The next item was the study of Georgian language, which was led by Tamar Didia from Georgia. Ladies could learn basic words after Georgian and write their name, which because of the very distinctive alphabet Georgian did not belong to easy tasks. In the second part of the meeting, several zones have been prepared from which the ladies can use their discretion. It was a makeup zone led by Jennifer, a yoga zone led by fatmę and iryna and also a massage area, for which our best specialists in this area, At the end of the meeting, an Arabic dance workshop was conducted. Ladies have also received gifts m. In. Cosmetics donated by company company.


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