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What are we doing in EVS?

What are we doing in the EVS?

We are working with disabled children and adults who have the Cerebral Palsy.

What is a Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is damage to the brain that cannot currently be fixed. Treatment and therapy help manage effects on the body.

With children we are working in the school. Here it depends to their situation that some of them are studying normal lessons, but some of them not. In every class we have a conductor, physiotherapist, psychologist and also teachers for math, polish, english, music and etc. We are working with all teachers, helping to make a lesson and learning all system. In school we are also working in PR department, we are preparing everything for events. And our another job is writing articles about volunteers on the website of association.

What is an AAC?

And one of the most important responsibility for us to learn AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). We have some members that they can’t speak and they can’t move. And in this moment AAC helps us. You can see someone writing answer in a notebook or using sign language. And you can see someone push buttons on a computer that speaks for them. These are all form of AAC. We have the special AAC books that we are using these for communication.

And in the second centre we are working with adults. Here we can choose one room that we want to work there. Because in the beginning of every month we are preparing scheduke for us with our mentors and coordinator. You can choose a computer room, art room, sport room, if you want you can help in the kitchen.

And every Wednesday we are preparing with our mentor some animations for them: singing, dancing, painting and etc. And sometimes we are going to stadium for playing Boccia. ( You can find more information about Boccia in another article)

That is all?

Of course, no. We have also other responsibilities. We are going to the universities and speaking about our project, EVS. In every class of our school we are making presentation about our country. And one more important thing we have Polish lessons. But about this I’ll write a special article.


  • What are we doing in EVS?


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