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Travel to Zamosc with Ukrainians...

Whole week we spent time with our Ukrainian friends. We have a common project, we are visiting their country, they are coming to Zamosc. And this meetings ,also, are parts of project.

In this time we visited the most beatiful places in Zamosc. We wanted to spend good time with them, but exactly, our aim was to show to them, available places for disabled people in Zamosc. We had to choose places, because some of these places aren't avialable for them yet. For example, 70 % of buses are good for disabled people, but 30 % not. It looks so less, but it is less for us, not for them. We lived also, some problems in restaurants. Because we were more people and we had place in downstairs, but this part of restaurant isn't able for disabled people. So we had to spend time separately. Yes, we had some problems like these, but we spent amazing time with them. We were in different museums, in ZOO, in forest and etc. They are so lovely people :)


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