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Iryna Dmytrevych - Self-presentation

I’m Iryna from Ukraine ☺

I always was an active person with many different hobbies such as - yoga, reading books, historical fencing. When i finished my University on last June, finished my work it’s he perfect time to take a break and be a volunteer. I thought if I’ll not use this chance this year, I’ll never do it. When I finished my University, I had a job interview in a good company. And I knew if I’ll start to life like a office plankton, later I’ll never change it. And I decided to choose a risk and go to foreign country for working with disability people.

I am waiting for the experience Promote cultural exchanges, become acquainted with another culture, to try themselves in the new field of social work, make new friends, gain new skills. I think that people should learn that what is a real life. I'm going to do it.

  • Iryna Dmytrevych - Self-presentation


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