Fatma Gurbanova - Self-presentation

Piątek, 18-08-2017

I’m Fatma (Fati) from Azerbaijan ☺

 I’m 21 years old.  My profession is ‘Mechatronics and robotics engineering’ and I also graduated Soft MBA.  I worked as a organizer of TEDx ASOIU, a volunteer in different governmental entities, a teacher, a coordinator of volunteers, a speaker and etc. In this period I met with great people and I decided that I like so much learning and teaching to people what I learnt. I always intresteded so many different things (yoga, origami, football, graffiti art, cooking, authoring and etc).  

And one day I felt that I am trying to go front but nothing changes, because I’m in my comfort zone. 5 months ago, when I was preparing my project for diploma, I saw one information about “EVS in Poland”. I entered to the website of  “Krok za krokiem”and I watched a video about students. Then I said to myself “You should go there and share your life with them”.

I chose EVS, because  I needed to find myself. Did you ever ask to yourself why you are in life? I always asked to myself. And in different period I gave the same answer. I am here, because people need me. If I want to earn a good life, I have to give something from myself to the world.


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Fatma Gurbanova - Self-presentation