Clara Nørlem - Self-presentation

Piątek, 11-05-2018

Hei there!, Im Clara Nørlem, 21 years old, and from Germany, but living in Denmark :)

I started my EVS-journey here in Poland, as I found it to be a great opportunity to get to know the country and its culture, history and language, while being able to contribute to the lives of disabled and hopefully put a smile on their faces. I find it very important to do something that enriches not only yourself but others as well, and volunteering is according to my point of view a perfect way of committing yourself to a project and likewise learning and developing new skills.

I am very fond of sports, exploring nature and cities, spending time with animals, reading books and listening to music, and I'll never miss out on the international news and what's going on around the globe. Because of my attachment to two cultures (Germany & Denmark), and a lot of travelling through the years, I have always had a great passion for languages, cultures, politics, history, and I will therefore also be studying 'international studies and languages' when I return back home!

And hopefully I will have a lot of polish culture, languages and good memories with me in my backpack! :)