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On April 12-13, 2018, volunteers from Spain, Denmark, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Georgia visited "Koło terenowe w Biłgoraju".
The first day they were presented to different Workshops, and got a chance to take part in some of them and help out. The Organisation offers many different types of workshops, such as: Handmade stuff, Cooking, Ceramics, Sports, Music and Theatre etc.. Volunteers were participating in many different workshops and enjoyed the contact and interaction with the disabled. They also went to gym with participants and support a healthy lifestyle.

The second day they got an opportunity to present their countries and organise different activities, such as: Origami, music and Georgian cuisine workshops.

It was two international days in Biłgoraj, of exchanging cultures and experiences. Volunteers spent a very interesting and learning time, and were gladly joining the workers and activites, and enjoying the kind and engaging atmosphere.





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